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Jason Parrish
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Jason Parrish One of the best local EPs I've ever heard. This has stood the test of time and it's still so amazing. Dimensions took deathcore and turned it on its head and added influences from prog, jazz, and many more. Cherish this band's memories (hehe) buy buying this and listening to it. Favorite track: Visions Part 2:Memory.
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released March 30, 2013



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DIMENSIONS Huntsville, Alabama

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Track Name: Portals
Reaching out for a way to ease my mind from the weight of this world. Seeking refuge from all of these diabolical thoughts in head. Portals. Portals, my means of escape. Struggling to find my direction in life; my purpose, my meaning. But I can still hold my head up high. I hold my head up high. I need to break away, to what I can relate. Forget this world around me. Through you I find sanity, for it's been lost. I leave behind reality, through these portals I will escape. Through you I escape this miserable existence.
Track Name: Visions Part 1:Angst
At night I dream of visions portraying what my life could be. Distraught by the sickness of what I see, these sights are killing me. Regression taking over, losing everything that I once held. Lost endeavor, lost purpose. Gaining only the life these visions give. I am force to ask myself where am I going? Where will I end up? Will I ever find ease in my conscious mind? Are these real? Or are they just figments of my imagination? Will these visions end? Or do they tell of the life I will posses? I will rise above these hauntings, overcome these thoughts in my head. One day the visions will be nothing, and I'll be nothing of what I once dreamt. When I speak off the top of my head, my words shall no longer be twisted by the sights. By the burden placed on my weakened mind. Erase these thoughts. These visions will soon be gone. I will no longer have to worry, have to have to fear, have to wonder what beholds for me.
Track Name: Falling
Look at yourself, what the fuck has become of you? Falling. You are falling away from yourself, you're not the person that I knew back then. Falling from what you held in life, and what you held within. You are falling. Do you expect me to just sit back and watch you turn to this broken life. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself, but you're too caught up in impressing everyone else. I have to push you out. Out of mind. Out of my life. Forget everything that we've shared. I shudder as I watch you shed your old skin, just as the serpent. The one that lies at your feet. Diamond eyes, blood running cold, your new tongue forked. Slithering away to find new prey. This cycle never seems to end. Your actions subvert my peace of mind. Wake up and see the lives that you have hurt. When all is said and done, you'll realize you burrowed yourself in a fucking hole. What has become of you? You are falling away from yourself. Falling. You are now somebody else.
Track Name: Visions Part 2:Memory
Relapsing. Transcending back into a former state. Wavering. Despairing. Emerging. Regressing. Terrified by the sights that once filled my head. I thought these visions were over with, but I was soon to find, these scars were everlasting. No escaping my memory, these visions eating me alive. These memories I can't erase. Desperate to escape, to find a state of ease. Wide awake. No sleep at night. These images that I had once overcome, are once again taking over my life. I can't seem to escape, to separate myself from these emotions, from these subconscious fears that haunt my mind. I can find no stability. I've given up. Dreams have taken over, I am no longer one with my mind. I've lost all control, I'm loosing my mind. Obstruct all progression. I am quick to descend. Dreams have taken over. I'm no longer one with my mind. Obstruct all progression. I'm quick to descend. This is the downfall. These memories I can't erase.